Pet Services

Providing love and attention for your pets 

when you can't be there. 

Being away from your pet is hard, whether it’s just for a few hours or several days. 

But finding reliable, quality care isn’t easy. Daycares and boarding kennels can be stressful and may expose your pet to illness. And relying on friends and family too often can become inconvenient – for them and for you.

With our in your home pet sitting services, you can relax knowing that your dog or cat is being cared for by a professional, dedicated pet sitter in the comfort of your own home. Plus, we’ll make sure your house is safe and secure, too, by giving it that 

“lived in” look while you’re away.

Pet Sitting Benefits For You:

Provide you total peace of mind knowing that your pet(s) are being lovingly 

taken care of by a professional.

Provides you with the ability to travel worry free.

Provides you the ability to work guilt free.

Will eliminate the inconvenience and time needed to transport your pet(s) to the kennel.

Solves your frustration of dealing with unreliable pet and home care.

Relieves that anxiety of having to rely on your neighbors, friends, and family to take time out of their busy schedules to come and care for your pet(s).

For Your Pet:

Allows your pet to stay in a familiar environment where all the 

sights, sounds, and smells say “Home.”

Allows your pet to stay on their normal diet and exercise routine.

Your pet’s exposure to illnesses and parasites are eliminated.

Your pet will receive the same personal attention and love that they are 

use to receiving on a daily basis.

For Your Home:

We provide security for your home by rotating lights and blinds to give your home a “lived” in look while you are away.

We water plants We bring in mail, the paper, and packages.

Dog Walki​ng 

Spending your lunch break running home to let your dog out? Does your dog(s) have more energy than you have time to tire them out? Come home with peace of mind every day! Rather have your dog just play fetch in the fenced in backyard? We can do that. 

Regular walks & exercise are important for a dog’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. With today’s busy schedules, it can be hard to find the time to give your dog the exercise he needs. That’s where we come in! A tired Dog is a HAPPY Dog!

All Dog Walking visits include: Cuddles, Snuggles, Belly Rubs, Removal of pet waste, Water refreshed, updates with photos/videos provided. 

Our dog walking services are a great choice for dogs and puppies who:

Are alone all day. Have excess energy to burn. Require extra potty breaks and socialization.

Need to lose a few extra pounds. Have special needs or medical conditions. Have behavioral issues related to boredom (barking, chewing, etc.).

Choose from 30 minute, 45 minute or hour walks.​

All Day & Night Pet Sitting

Need someone to stay with your pet(s) all day & night while you are gone?

Your pet(s) will receive lots of love and attention & companionship as well as walks and play time. 

We will stay with your pet 20 hours per day. Concierge services such as, bringing in mail, newspapers & packages garbage and watering indoor plants if needed are included.

INCLUDES: morning feeding & walk, midday walk/potty break, dinner feeding & walk and late night potty breaks. Booked as 24 hour periods. 

2 Hour Tuck In Visit

Your furry kids will enjoy our company for 2 hours up until they are tuckered out for the night.

They will receive lots of love and attention, treats if approved and that one last potty break before bedtime. This also includes a 30 minute morning visit!

Overnight Pet Sitting

FORTHE VIP's  - Very Important Paws

Luxury & Professional Pet Care in your home. If you need to be away for a night or more, this service can provide you and your pet with extra security and peace of mind. Some pets are just use to sleeping in bed with their human - or at least with a human in the house. We get it! We stay over and cater to your pets routine as much as possible with walks/backyard play, feeding and lots of cuddles!

Your dog or cat will enjoy the company of a professional pet sitter for 10 hours and you’ll enjoy the security of knowing your home is occupied while you’re gone. 

Overnight Pet Sitting is great for:

Pets who get anxious or lonely when by themselves for long stretches. Pet parents who are uncomfortable leaving their pets alone at night. Special needs or senior pets. Puppies who need more frequent potty breaks. Owners who feel more secure with their home occupied overnight.

Concierge services such as, bringing in mail, newspapers & packages, curbing garbage cans and watering indoor plants if needed are included. 

INCLUDES: late night potty breaks, morning feeding & walk.

If you need midday or dinner visits, those will be charged as individual additional visits.

Early Arrival starts at 7pm ending at 7am, total of 12 hours  and includes the dinner visit. 

Puppy Sitting

For puppies, multiple daily visits help establish and maintain a housebreaking schedule. Housebreaking your new puppy requires a consistent schedule of potty breaks. These visits will also help those puppies that are crated to receive socialization with someone other than the owner as well as stretching those legs and moving around!

Cat Sitting

Cats can sometimes come off as being independent and self sufficient, but they look to their humans afor not only food, but love, comfort and companionship as well. 

So when you're away - whether it's for a week or a day - it can create stress and boredom for your feline friend. 

With our expert cat sitting services, we’ll make sure your kitty has everything she needs to be healthy and happy while you’re gone. Our services are tailored to accommodate your cat’s personality, quirks, and needs. So whether your kitty craves extra playtime, lives for lots of affection or just wants to be left alone, you can rest assured that we’ll pamper your pet just like you would.   For cat sitting visits, we require a minimum of 1 daily visit. Aside from feeding your cats and scooping the litter box daily, if your cats are friendly, we will spend the majority of the time playing & loving on your cats. If they like to play with toys, then your cats will also have plenty of play time.

Pet Taxi or Pet Supply Run

Do you need to take your pet to the vet but do not have time to? Ran out of food or litter and need it NOW?! We can help out with that too! Just give us a call!

Holiday Pricing: 

An additional $10 per visit or $50 per day (for overnight pet sitting) will be added for all holidays. Holidays include: Easter, Mother’s Day, Spring Break (second Friday of March through the third Sunday of March), Memorial Day and the two days before (Saturday & Sunday), Independence Day as well as the day before & after, Labor Day and the two days before (Saturday & Sunday), Thanksgiving (Friday before Thanksgiving through the Sunday after Thanksgiving) Winter Break (the Friday before Christmas through the Tuesday after New Years Day includes (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve & New Year's Day)

Additional rates will apply if you are out of our service area. 


Please visit to set up an account. Once you have completed the profile and meet and greet, you can then start scheduling your visits! 


Morning:                                    7am - 10am

Mid-Day:                              11am - 3pm

Dinner:                                    4pm - 7pm

Late Night Potty Break:       7pm - 10pm 

2 hour Tuck in Visit:            7pm - 9pm

Early Arrival Overnight     7pm - 7am

Overnight Pet Sitting:         9pm - 7am

All Day & Night Pet Sitting:    7am - 7am

Pet Taxi & Pet Supply Run      7am - 6pm



                30 Minute Visit                 $25

                45 Minute Visit                 $33

                60 Minute Visit                 $45

                 2 hour Tuck In                 $85

Early Arrival Overnight                  $150

                 Overnight                        $100

         All Day & Night Pet Sitting         $200

     Late Night Potty Break/ 30 min.      $35 

Pet Taxi & Pet Supply Run                      $30  

 We first called on Dana to help with our dogs while out of town and I could not believe her level of caring, commitment and professionalism. She was so awesome and our very spoiled dogs loved her! We have worked with Dana several times since then to assist with a move and organizing our small business as well as our home and she has been magnificent! I am also having Dana assist me with building and maintaining a website and marketing materials for my small business. There is nothing this woman cannot do! And she is such the professional, no matter the job. I highly recommend her for any kind of help you need. You will not be disappointed!


Patty - Baloo & Livey

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